OUTsurance Holdings Limited

OUTsurance pioneered the concept of money back for remaining claim-free! Since then we’ve paid out over R3 billion in cash OUTbonuses and saved consumers hundreds of millions of rands in premiums. 

Today OUTsurance is renowned for its innovative value-for-money products, world-class service and paying over R1m per day in OUTbonuses on average. Our journey of innovation continues.

OUTsurance Holdings Limited Products

Insure your car, home and contents

  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Home contents
  • Buildings
  • Portable items (OUT-and-About)

Insure your life

  • Life
  • Funeral
  • On-demand life cover (OUTthere)

Insure your business

  • Business insurance
  • Fleet insurance
  • Agricultural insurance
  • Engineering insurance
  • Motor traders insurance
  • Hospitality insurance


  • 08 600 70 000
Mon-Thurs: 08:00-19:00
Public holidays:08:00-13:00