Charter Life Insurance Company

Charter Life Insurance offers a highly competitive range of life insurance products through the Liberty Life operations and the ever-increasing network of independent brokers. The relationship which exists between Charter Life Insurance and the many operational divisions within Standard Bank is a major advantage for the business because it gives Charter Life Insurance Company Limited direct access to business from the lower income and middle income emerging markets.

Charter Life’s exceptional achievements within the life insurance product range is also attributed to the strategic partnership between Standard Bank and Bancassurance. This has helped in strengthening the motivation and product knowledge of the existing broker consultant complement, attracting new business and preserving the existing client base.

Charter Life Insurance focuses on providing prompt and professional service to clients. Their innovative product range is simple and flexible with the opportunity for entry level clients to benefit from this niche insurance portfolio by accessing the products at ground level.

Charter Life Insurance is a service oriented business entity with a culture of information sharing and communication technology. The company has been able to explore the benefits associated with electronic commerce in order to maintain efficient administrative processes and expedite service delivery.

Charter Life Insurance Company Products

Charter National Life Insurance Company operates as an insurance firm. The Company provides

  • Life
  • Accident
  • Health insurance services.

Charter Life Insurance Company Contacts

Charter Life Insurance Co Ltd
Address: 27 Jan Hofmeyr Rd, Berea West, Westville, 3629, South Africa
City of Kwazulu Natal
Post Office box: 2107, Westville, 3630
Phone number: 031 266 5860
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