Born in Melbourne, Ashton Agar is a professional Australian cricketer who was born to a Sri Lankan mother and an Australian father. He has two younger brothers, Wes Agar and Will Agar.

Ashton Agar has played lots of games at the international level for Australia but he plays domestically for Western Australia and the Perth Scorchers as a left-handed spin bowler.

Ashton Agar Biography: Wiki, Wife, Children, Salary, Net Worth, Team, Career Stats
Ashton Agar

Ashton Agar Wiki

Real Name: Ashton Charles Agar
Real Age: 28yrs old, Born 14 October 1993
Height: 1.88 m
Parents: Sonia Hewawissa and John Agar
Siblings: Wes Agar and Will Agar
Battling: Left-hand bat
Bowling: Slow Left-arm Orthodox
Playing Role: Bowler

Ashton Agar Wife

Ashton Agar is happily married to Madeleine Agar who made news after she received a death threat on her social media account.

Ashton Agar Wife, Madeleine
Ashton Agar Wife, Madeleine

Ashton Agar married Madeleine got married on May 23, 2021, after dating for over 11 years (since 2010).

Ashton Agar Children

Ashton Agar and Madeleine Agar have no sons or daughters of their own at the moment. The couple has been together for close to 12 years but have only been married for a year, however, they have no kids of their own.

Ashton Agar Salary

Despite having one of the best contracts, Ashton Agar’s salary is not knowing.

Ashton Agar Net Worth

Ashton Agar has an enviable net worth of about $1 million-$5 million. The net worth estimation varies because it is difficult to forecast the spending habits of the cricketer over the years. Ashton Agar’s wealth comes mostly from playing cricket.

Agar’s net worth also includes property in Perth. According to, Agar has spent $2.25 million in the pricey waterfront suburb Dalkeith. The three-bedroom home, built in 1990, sits on 1,165 sqm and features a tennis court and resort-style swimming pool. Before this property, the cricketer had a house at beachside Scarborough where he owned a four-bedroom townhouse since paying $660,000 in 2016 shortly after making his international T20 debut for Australia.

Ashton Agar Teams

Ashton Agar initially turned almost as many heads as he has turned cricket balls. At the age of 19 he had a place in the squads of Western Australia, the Perth Scorchers, and also the national team, having sensationally been upgraded from an internship on the 2013 tour of India to a more expansive role in Michael Clarke’s squad.

Teams: Australia, Australia A, Australia Under-19s, Perth Scorchers, Western Australia, Western Australia Under-23s

Ashton Agar Career Stats


TestBowlingStatsguru Analysis

Career Averages
vs Team
vs Bangladesh2017-20172461.41416273/465/10123.142.6252.800
vs England2013-20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
In Host Country
in Bangladesh2017-20172461.41416273/465/10123.142.6252.800
in England2013-20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
in Continent
in Asia2017-20172461.41416273/465/10123.142.6252.800
in Europe2013-20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
Home vs Away
By Year
year 20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
year 20172461.41416273/465/10123.142.6252.800
By Season
season 20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
season 20172461.41416273/465/10123.142.6252.800
Captains Involved
*MJ Clarke2013-20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
*SPD Smith2017-20172461.41416273/465/10123.142.6252.800
Is Captain / Is Not Captain
is not captain2013-201748145.43141093/465/10145.552.8197.100
Is Keeper / Is Not Keeper
is not keeper2013-201748145.43141093/465/10145.552.8197.100
lost the toss2013-201748145.43141093/465/10145.552.8197.100
Toss and Batting Sequence
lost toss & fielded2013-201748145.43141093/465/10145.552.8197.100
Batting First vs Fielding First
matches fielding first2013-201748145.43141093/465/10145.552.8197.100
In Team Innings
1st team innings2013-20174455.51416653/465/10133.202.9767.000
2nd team innings2013-20174489.51724442/555/10161.002.71134.700
In Match Innings
1st match innings2013-20174455.51416653/465/10133.202.9767.000
3rd match innings2013-20174489.51724442/555/10161.002.71134.700
Match Result
won match2017-20171228.0106122/522/6130.502.1784.000
lost match2013-201736117.42134973/465/10149.852.96100.800
Result and Batting Sequence
won fielding first2017-20171228.0106122/522/6130.502.1784.000
lost fielding first2013-201736117.42134973/465/10149.852.96100.800
In Tournament Type
2 team series2013-201748145.43141093/465/10145.552.8197.100
In Match Number per Series
1st match in series2013-20172475.41420773/465/10129.572.7364.800
2nd match in series2013-20172470.01720322/522/61101.502.90210.000
In Major Trophies
The Ashes2013-20132484.01724822/822/106124.002.95252.000
In Bowling Position
3rd position2013-20131135.098222/822/10641.002.34105.000
4th position2013-20173447.51313153/465/10126.202.7357.400
5th position2013-20172233.549922/555/10149.502.92101.500
6th position2013-20131129.059803.3700