AA Car Insurance

AA Car Insurance South Africa is an extension of the Automobile Association of SA, a well-known and trusted brand in the country. It sets itself apart from other car insurance companies by offering simple and convenient insurance products that leverage on the great Automobile Association of South Africa’s long history.

Their trademark yellow is easily recognizable, and whenever you’re feeling gloomy because of you car accident, let AA Car Insurance South Africa brighten up your mood.

Being a client of the AA will benefit you greatly, especially with some of their convenient products, which at first you might not consider as useful, but later find a 24 hour roadside assistance line is quite useful for example.

Products and Benefits

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Cover for other persons, i.e. third party liability insurance
  • Insurance against theft, hi-jacking and fire
  • Free battery replacement
  • R10,000 Bicycle Cover
  • Your premiums decrease annually
  • You won’t pay an excess if you use an AA Quality Assured repairer
  • Off-road (4X4/traveller) insurance
  • AA Advantage + membership is also included in all your policies while you are insured.
  • Cash back bonus after four years of not claiming or as much as 25% of your premiums back

AA Car Insurance Quotes

You can get AA’s car insurance quotes on any of their different products. The best option for you is to compare between what the AA offers, and what other car insurance companies have. With the AA, a comprehensive policy will cover you when your vehicle is in an accident, stolen or hijacked; compensation for accidental damage to third parties and yours of their property.

AA Insurance in South Africa

Because the AA understands the South Africans love traveling, they welcome anyone to take up a policy with them. Insurance driven by the AA goes beyond our borders and gives you access to all their wonderful benefits like roadside assistance, travel insurance, and you can always ring up their call centers to get you directions on your road trip. This package, the off-road vehicle cover, is best suited for travelers. The AA is one of the best car insurance companies in South Africa.

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